Do you know why we started F2 Sports?  Because pickleball paddles either looked like 1990's trapper keepers (remember those?!) or were oriented to the male "pro" player.  We set out to fill a gap in the market for cute pickleball paddles that were affordable and geared toward those that wanted to just have fun! 

If you are in the market for a cute pickleball paddle that is affordable for a beginner that is ready to start the game, we have the goods! 

Check out our top sellers below:

1) Tie-Dye Pickleball Paddles

This pickleball paddle is hands down our top seller! Not only is the paddle design cute and trendy, it features our velvet-like surface texture and comfort grip at only $84.




2) Sporty Collection

Look fierce with our bright collection of sporty options--featuring blue, purple and red.  Featuring a gradient fade, sand-oil textured surface for spin, and an affordable price point this is a great choice. 

3)  Dink Pickleball Paddle

This cute retro style paddle will bring in the complements (and the power) and you dink on your opponents.


As always, our paddles are FREE to ship and FREE to return so if something caught your eye, give it a try without risk. 

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Hello there,

Pleased to meet you

We are a group of creators, innovators and most importantly, pickleball players out of Metro Detroit, Michigan.

As new, casual players in the market for a pickleball paddle, we were overwhelmed with choice, shocked by sticker price, and turned off by the outdated and male dominated branding.

We wanted to make it easier for players like us to get started (and look good!) playing the fastest growing sport in America.  Our team dug in and did the research. That research led to building a simplified, yet beautiful line of products tested to compete with the high-end, expensive products out there.

F2 Sports offers simple, affordable, and beautifully designed products for the casual pickleball player. Our products are modern and youthful in design while powerful in play.

We can't wait to share our products with you!

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