Best Pickleball Paddle for Women

Good Housekeeping Selects F2 Sports For Best Pickleball Paddle!

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Best Pickleball Paddle For Women

Michigan-based F2 Sports is thrilled to announce that its high-performing, yet fashionable pickleball paddles have been selected by Good Housekeeping as the "Best Pickleball Paddle for Women" in their 2023 selection. 

The team of experts at Good Housekeeping Institute Wellness Lab determined the top picks for the best pickleball paddles by consulting with industry experts and by conducting extensive research on their own.

"Our experts found that the sanded graphite surface face, which is unique to the "fashion" paddle market, improved spin." states Stefani Sassos, editor at Good Housekeeping. "That graphite face also makes the paddle light yet powerful and can help prevent wrist strain during longer sessions."

best pickleball paddle for women


The Good Housekeeping fitness pros also liked that the polymer core is strong yet flexible, and the cushioned, comfort grip did well in their tests too.

The F2 Sports pickleball paddle comes in at under $100 and is approved by the USA Pickleball Association.

The selection for best pickleball paddle for women comes just weeks after F2 Sports was selected as a feature on Good Morning America's GMA3. 

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best pickleball paddle for women